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While Alabama (AL) might seem like a good solution for professional aspirants, the truth is that unemployment rates vary from one community to another. Therefore, young students should not just think about potential specializations upfront, but also about the best rated cities for their degrees. Unfortunately, most of them do it when they are close to graduating. In other words, they try to adapt. The unemployment rate in Alabama is, however, slightly lower than the national rate. It ranges around 6.4%, while the national rate goes up to 6.7%. It is also growing.

When it comes to the highest paying job opportunities and careers in Alabama, there are no doubts that engineers are the best paid professionals in the state. They are supposed to direct, handle, operate and plan various activities in numerous domains, including the automotive industry, architecture, information technology and other similar fields. Aerospace engineers are also very well paid, but their work is somehow limited. Last, but not least, computer scientists are not to be ignored either. In a fully computerized world, every specialist can find a job.

As for the best companies to work for, they depend on the degree, specialization and education. While some technicians may find jobs in oil based corporations, some others might be locally employed. In this case, Regions Financial Corporation is one of the leading names in Alabama, as well as a top employer. With over 10,000 workers and a yearly revenue of $5 billion, it is definitely a very attractive target for young graduates.

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