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While the unemployment rate within the United States of America keeps going up with around 0.1% a month, the rate around Arkansas seems to go down. With all these, it is still above the national number. The average rate in the country floats around 6.7%, while Arkansas has a 7.1% unemployment rate. Today, there are around 95,000 unemployed individuals in the state. It looks like up to 2,500 potential workers find jobs on a monthly basis, so the statistics are very encouraging for young graduates.

When compared to other states, the best working careers do not bring in too many differences. The best rated occupations are in the IT industry. There are, of course, a lot of different possibilities in information technology, but they depend from one specialization to another. Other than that, Arkansas is one of the American states with the highest operations in mining and drilling for natural gas and oil. Since oil is known as the black gold, jobs in this industry are obviously very well paid. Last, but not least, health care job opportunities are just as diversified and hunted.

The good news for potential workers is that there are plenty of large companies employing in Arkansas. Alltel Corp., for example, handles more than 10,000 workers, just as much as Dillard’s Inc. While Murphy Oil Corporation has less workers, it operates in a very profitable domain. The Wal-Mart stores and Tyson Foods Inc. are not to be ignored either. They employ hundreds of people on a yearly basis.