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Here are 5 of the biggest animals & livestock companies in America to work for.

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About the Animals & Livestock Industry

The animals and livestock industry implies raising domesticated animals with the one and only profit to make money. The respective animals are raised in specific settings in order to ensure the minimum conditions for a decent life. They are supposed to provide fiber and food, but also to help in labor. The industry has very old roots. The humankind has raised animals for thousands of years with different purposes. However, the last half a century has brought in an unexpected change. According to many studies, it seems that animals are not as healthy as people think, so more and more individuals choose to eliminate them from their diets. But in the long run, such a change is very likely to take decades. Therefore, the food industry is on an ascending path. The most common animals raised for food and labor include pigs, cattle, chicken and horses. Fish is also referred to as livestock.
Some of the top players in the animals and livestock industry include Refrigerator Food & Livestock Production, Cargill, J. R. Simplot Company and Perdue Farms Incorporated.