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Here are 2 of the biggest appliance companies in America to work for.

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About the Appliance Industry

The appliance industry covers all the mechanical and electrical machines and devices supposed to accomplish particular functions. Many of these appliances are designed and manufactured for home uses, especially around the kitchen and bathroom. They cook, clean, chop, prepare drinks of coffee, wash dishes and other similar things. For instance, almost everyone has a refrigerator, a dish washing machine or a microwave oven. These are the most popular home appliances.
The appliance industry is pretty new when compared to others. Many of these devices are considered to be futuristic gadgets. The first units showed up around a century ago. Ever since that moment, the industry has continuously evolved. The evolution is still not over, as many new items come with sophisticated features that plenty of people cannot even understand. All in all, a company in this industry is supposed to design, research, manufacture, distribute or sell appliances.
Whirlpool is one of the largest appliance manufacturers and distributors in the world, as well as G. E. (General Electrics). The competition is very harsh in this field, especially against Asian brands like Haier, LG or Panasonic.