Top Auto Part Companies

Here are 4 of the biggest auto part companies in America to work for.

Euro Pros Collision & Autobody Center

Euro Pros Collision & Autobody Center Screenshot


Located in Gaithersburg, MD, near Bethesda and Rockville, Euro Pros Collision and Autobody Center provides comprehensive collision and auto body repair on a wide array of vehicles. Some of...

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About the Auto Part Industry

The auto part industry has come to life about a hundred years ago. The first cars that hit the market automatically had to come with replacement parts. Inevitably, a new industry was created. Back then, most parts were original, so they came directly from the manufacturer. They were resold through a wide network of retail sellers. With time, the after market also stepped in. Practically, the after market creates new parts by the exact same measurements and sizes, only they have the chance to change the materials when possible.
No matter what direction the automotive industry goes to (gas or electric), one thing is for sure – as long as cars are being produced, the auto part industry will keep going up too. A company is normally responsible for the design, production, development and distribution.
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Honeywell International Inc., Michelin and Bosch GmbH are just some of the most important names in the auto part industry. The competition is quite harsh and brings in a lot of different players from other continents as well.