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Here are 26 of the biggest banking companies in America to work for.

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About the Banking Industry

Banking has become an industry around the fourteenth century, in Italy. Later on, this concept has spread across the whole world. Practically, banks are everywhere today. Their main purposes and tasks vary from one case to another.

For example, most banks are responsible for conducting their clients’ current accounts. Some others pay cheques, while others collect them. A lot of banks are able to provide various types of loans as well.
These days, the banking industry is stagnating. The past few years have not brought in any obvious changes. No new ideas or innovations were introduced. Instead, some banking institutions have collapsed due to the financial crisis, while others have managed to remain on the floating line. When it comes to any improvements, most institutions evolve by coming up with special offers and promotions. The industry has not changed too much, but it represents an actual necessity.
American Express Co., Bank of America Corp., Bank of New York Co. and Citigroup Inc. are just a few of the most powerful and stable banks in the United States of America.