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Here are 7 of the biggest battery companies in America to work for.

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About the Battery Industry

Electric batteries are small devices that bring in a few electrochemical cells in order to provide electrical energy. The battery has been invented by Benjamin Franklin in the eighteenth century. Ever since that moment, it has gained a huge popularity. Today, batteries are used for any gadget, whether it comes to mobile phones, laptops, lanterns, remote controls, vehicles and others. No one really pays attention to these things. But if you think about it, batteries are everywhere today. Therefore, this industry is a very prolific one. Besides, more and more people rely on batteries in order to save energy.
Companies operating in the battery industry may have multiple profiles, which vary from one manufacturer to another. Some of them might handle particular types of batteries, while others only deal with the manufacturing process and not the distribution too. As a general rule of thumb, this industry is very profitable. Some of the best rated producers in the United States of America include Johnson Controls Battery Inc., SANYO Energy Corporation, Valence Technology Inc. and Uniross Batteries Corp.