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Here are 5 of the biggest biotechnology companies in America to work for.

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About the Biotechnology Industry

Biotechnology is the science responsible for using living entities in order to create useful products for the humankind. Practically, everything is supposed to come from living organisms. It is worth noting that biotechnology may sometimes be taken for biomedicine or bioengineering. While it may seem new, this industry is actually quite old. Biotechnology has been used in agriculture for thousands of years, not to mention about medicine or food processing.
A biotechnology expert or company is supposed to actually work on this transformation and ensure a good final result. But just like any other field, this one has a series of branches too. Some companies handle the research operations, while others deal with the manufacturing or packing services. Furthermore, this industry is continuously going up due to the world efforts to maintain the planet’s integrity under control.
Amgem, Gilead Sciences and Celgene are the top three biotechnology companies in the United States of America. The list is longer though, while the competition is just as harsh. Novo Nordisk from Denmark and Merck KGaA from Germany are just as powerful.