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Here are 4 of the biggest office product companies in America to work for.

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About the Office Product Industry

The office product industry consists of all kinds of items that can be used inside an office, including pens, paper, paper holders, rubber, notebooks, files and many others. From some points of view, particular electronics might be taken for office products as well, such as laptops or printers. The industry has started gaining popularity more than five hundred years ago, but it has never been properly defined until two centuries ago. While no one really pays attention to it, this industry affects pretty much every field out there, whether it comes to engineering, construction, health care or IT.

A company in the office product industry is mostly responsible for the manufacturing part. Aside from the production, the largest players in this field also deal with the marketing and distribution. The respective products are then resold in numerous stores. Joining this industry may seem a little unusual, but obtaining a good position can ensure a very stable career. It is worth noting that you do not necessarily have to focus on the largest producers in the country (Office Max or Office Depot), since there are numerous small local businesses as well.