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Here are 68 of the biggest oil & gas companies in America to work for.

Oilmar, Inc.


Website: is a technology platform and information service that enables buyers and sellers to conduct business-to-business transactions. Oilmar, Inc. combines Houston oil and gas industry experience with New York...

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About the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is vital to a series of different fields. It can also be referred to as the petroleum industry. It mostly handles the extraction, exploration, production, refining and distribution of petroleum based products. Aside from energy, raw oil is used in the production of various chemicals too, such as medications, plastics or pesticides. The industry might seem relatively new. It was officially recognized during the last century, but its history dates for a few centuries already.

The largest companies in the world handle all the steps, from exploration to distribution. Some others deal with particular operations only. A career in the oil and gas industry is a very stable and profitable one, especially since such materials are crucial for the modern society. A professional degree is essential in order to obtain a good position. Furthermore, the location and operations can also influence the financial revenues.

There are a series of players in the oil and gas industry, so the competition is extremely harsh all over the world. When it comes to the United States of America, Devon Energy, Chevron Corporation and ExxonMobil are some of the front runners.