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Here are 14 of the biggest power conversion companies in America to work for.

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About the Power Conversion Industry

The power conversion industry is mandatory in converting the energy from one system to another, such as AC and DC. It is also responsible for affecting the frequency and voltage. This industry has evolved along with electrical engineering. In fact, it can be taken for a subsidiary of power and electrical engineering. Since life without electricity would not be possible today, it is worth noting that this field is going to maintain its ascension for at least a few more decades. On a different note, more and more people switch to renewable energy, but then, the conversion is very likely to take a lot of time.
A company in the power conversion industry is less likely to be independent. Most businesses act like subsidiaries or subdivisions of large companies and corporations. A career in this field can be profitable if you follow the right directions. First of all, postsecondary education is essential. Second, working for a top employer or starting your own business is one of your best bets.
Some of the most important names in the USA include Commonwealth Edison, Energy Future Holdings and Georgia Power.