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Here are 5 of the biggest pulp & paper companies in America to work for.

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About the Pulp & Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry may not be a very obvious one, yet most people rely on products coming out of this field on a daily basis. The field is run by North American countries. The industry has gained popularity over the past century. These days, there are particular forests grown for nothing but this industry. Therefore, it is not expected to die anytime soon. But on a side note, it is not necessarily the fastest growing one in the world either.
A company in the pulp and paper industry implies using various types of wood as raw materials. The respective company can produce paper, board, pulp and other similar items based on cellulose. Since this industry is relatively green, starting a career represents a very good idea for the future. Not all the jobs demand a postsecondary degree, yet a little education can work a very long way.
There are a lot of large companies operating in the pulp and paper industry around the United States of America, such as International Paper, Georgia-Pacific and Weyerhaeuser.