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Here are 5 of the biggest semiconductor companies in America to work for.

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About the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry gathers together a series of large and world renowned corporations dealing with the design, production and distribution of semiconductor products. This field became an actual industry during the ’60s, when semiconductors became a very prolific business. Today, this industry runs around $250 billion every year. Since many of these products are used in a lot of different fields, the semiconductor industry will most likely keep growing for at least a decade.
A company in the semiconductor field deals with all the processes, from the design to the actual sale. Some companies may also handle specific procedures only, but then they usually exist like divisions or subsidiaries of larger corporations. A career in this field obviously requires a professional degree. However, it represents a very good solution for the future. Aspirants are supposed to study computer science in order to work in this field.
There are a few large corporations dealing with semiconductors in the United States of America, such as Intel Corporation, Broadcom or Qualcomm. The competition is usually international and includes Samsung Electronics and Toshiba, among several others.