Top Software Design Companies

Here are 6 of the biggest software design companies in America to work for.


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EfficientLab is a software independent vendor. We offer employee monitoring solutions to the world-wide market. Our flagship product is Work Examiner – employee monitoring solution for organizations with 1...


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Oxagile is an international software development company with years of experience in custom web application development and strong mobile app development expertise. Established as an IT company with a...

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About the Software Design Industry

The software design industry relates to a wide variety of companies handling the production of various software programs for a lot of different purposes. A company in this industry handles the research, development and production of software. From that point on, it takes care of the maintenance and updates as well. Other than that, some companies may also provide training, documentation and other related services. As a general rule of thumb, the software industry is a very productive one because it affects most fields out there.
A career in software design is very likely to be a very profitable one in the long run. Of course, it depends on what you actually plan to design. Software must be useful in order to sell. At the same time, you can also join a particular company and avoid doing it yourself. In order to succeed in this field, a postsecondary degree is usually mandatory.
There are plenty of software developers out there. Aside from small and medium companies, the top players include names like Microsoft, Symantec and Adobe Systems.