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Here are 7 of the biggest software companies in America to work for.


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Mhelpdesk is an all-in-one software solution for simple service management developed from the ground up with all kinds of businesses in mind. From helping carpet cleaning companies schedule their...

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About the Software Industry

The software industry relates to both specific products and related services. It has started gaining popularity during the ’80s, when more and more people have understood the importance of customized programs and platforms. It is strongly related to the computer industry, which is currently one of the leading fields in the world. Basically, sooner or later, every process in the world will be computerized to a particular point, hence the necessity of customized software programs.
A business in the software industry is mostly responsible for the development of customized applications. Sometimes, the same company might handle the maintenance, but also the publication. Software services are included as well, whether it comes to training or consultancy. A career in this field is highly recommended, but not without obtaining a professional degree first.
The competition in the software industry is usually international. However, some companies have quickly climbed on top of others, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, VMware, CA Technologies, Adobe Systems. The competition is supported by the Germans at SAP and the Spanish at Amadeus IT Group.