Top Technical Consulting Companies

Here are 4 of the biggest technical consulting companies in America to work for.

Malloc Hosting

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Malloc Hosting is a quality web hosting company based out of Berkeley, California that has been serving both small businesses and charitable organizations alike since 2008. No matter what...

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About the Technical Consulting Industry

Technical consulting or consultancy is a very prolific industry that advises business managers and directors on how to properly take advantage of specific technologies in order to meet their overall purposes and objectives. Aside from offering advice, professional consultants are also responsible for making estimations, managing, administering and implementing new ideas. Sometimes, technical consulting is related to outsourcing as well. Generally, this field has grown a lot over the past decade and its ascension is said to continue for at least five more years.
A company in technical consulting may act like a subsidiary or be fully independent. Independent companies have various specializations and may go to a particular point. While some of them provide advice only, some others are invited to dig even deeper. A career in this domain obviously asks for some professional education and a degree. Otherwise, you are less likely to advance.
McKinsey & Co. is one of the front runners, but Monitor Co. and The Boston Consulting Group are just as popular. The competition in this field is both local and international.