Top Utility Companies

Here are 61 of the biggest utility companies in America to work for.

Same Day Dumpster Rental

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Same Day Dumpster Rental is a waste management company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and they service Miami-Dade County, Broward, and Palm Beach with same day service. Both companies...

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About the Utility Industry

The utility industry refers to most electric power companies, which are widely spread across numerous communities. The respective companies are often referred to as public utilities. All in all, this industry is responsible for most homes out there.

Without it, life would be impossible to imagine. Therefore, the industry will most likely evolve for at least a few more decades. No one can tell what kind of innovations will show up overtime, but utilities will probably never die.
A company in the utility industry is mostly responsible for the generation. Some other companies deal with the transmission from one station to another, while local providers handle the distribution to regular areas or communities. The largest providers can handle all these operations through a few divisions of subsidiaries. Working for a top utility service provides many opportunities. The best ones ask for professional education. Without a degree, it is almost impossible to advance too much.
Some of the leading utility players in the United States of America include Southern California Edison, Detroit Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric.