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There are 2 companies in Oakland, CA that we recognize as the biggest and the best:

Malloc Hosting

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Address: 3075 Adeline St Suite 240, Berkeley, CA 94703

Malloc Hosting is a quality web hosting company based out of Berkeley, California that has been serving both small businesses and charitable organizations alike since 2008. No matter what your budget, Malloc Hosting...

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Best Places to Work for in Oakland, CA

Oakland is one of the largest economical centers of California. However, since the recent financial crisis has mostly hit large centers, it has also suffered like most other big cities. Therefore, the unemployment rate is high enough – around 7.5%. It is also higher than the national average ratio. With all these, Oakland is slowly recovering.

Furthermore, it provides a series of opportunities for both young graduates and older workers. Many job opportunities arise in the private sector, yet most people associate the public sector with more financial stability. In conclusion, the state is currently the largest local employer around Oakland.