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First Security Services

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Address: 3463 American River Dr., Sacramento, CA 95864

First Security Services has been providing private security guard services in Sacramento, CA for almost 50 years. They are THE premiere security provider in California and have been independently audited and certified by...

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Best Places to Work for in Sacramento, CA

The city of Sacramento, CA is experiencing a slightly higher rate of unemployment and slower rate of job growth than other parts of the country. However, there are currently several prospects looking at job growth opportunities in Sacramento, so even with the lagging rates, there are several opportunities. Unlike other areas of California, the job market potential is very diversified, with companies from all industries being represented.

The current unemployment rate hovers around eight percent, higher than the national average of six percent, but it is falling. Match that to a projected rate of increase in job creation of over twenty five percent and it is easy to see that the unemployment rate will continue to fall. Even though this is slightly slower growing than the national average, jobs that are being created are coming from industries that are slower growing in other areas of the state. Healthcare, business, real estate, financial and intel industry jobs are all being created.

Career prospects are promising in Sacramento, California and with the planned industry jobs that are being added, it is only time before even more businesses begin establishing themselves in the area to support the influx of employers and employees.