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Canada DUI Entry Law

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Address: 100 King Street W Suite 5600, Toronto, ON M5X 1C9

So summer rolls around and you’re taking a two week vacation from work. Your family has decided that this year you should all vacation in Canada, eh. Your wife and kids are both...

HDD Recovery Services

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Address: 666 Kirkwood Ave, Suite B101, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5X9

In a world where technology rules a great deal of your life HDD Recovery Services is your light at the end of the tunnel. With a high dependency on technology comes a demand...

Savoury Chef Foods

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Address: 1175 Union St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2C7

Savoury Chef Foods began as a two-person personal catering operation in 2006, founded by Chef Taryn Wa and partner Kyle Nordman. As word spread about their innovative menus, impeccable service and creative special...

US Entry Waiver Law

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Address: 5700 Yonge Street Suite 200, Toronto, ON M2M 4K2

If you have been convicted of a crime in the past, then it may be difficult to enter the United States. This is true no matter how long ago your conviction was. US...

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Among all developed countries, Canada is ranked the number 14th wealthiest economy in the world. From 1966 until 2014, the unemployment rate in Canada averaged 7.74 percent. This year the unemployment rate has stayed steady at 7 percent. With only 8 percent of Canadian land being used for agriculture, the Canadian economy is dominated by the services sector and is considered a social market economy.

Some of Canada’s largest employers include, Power Cooperation of Canada. This is a large international financial management and holding company stationed in Montreal, Quebec. They are employing 30,900 workers. Royal Bank of Canada, or RBC Financial Group, is the largest financial institution in Canada. They are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. They have around 80,000 employees. Manulife Financial Insurance Company is stationed in Toronto, Ontario and employs 84,000 workers. Magna International Inc. is a large global automotive supplier based in Aurora, Ontario with 130,000 employees. George Weston Ltd. is the largest food processing and distribution company in Canada. Their headquarters are in Ontario, Canada and they employ an impressive 140,000 Canadian workers.

There are many careers in the services sector that are forecasted for growth in the economy for the next several years. Canadian Living reported their list of “The 10 Hottest Job Industries” Their top jobs list included Financial managers and accountants, skill trades such as, plumbers, automotive service technicians, chefs, manufacturers. They also predicted a high demand for software and mobile developers, registered nurses, psychologist and counselors, medical technicians, human resource specialists, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, and construction managers.

Canadian Business listed their ” Top 100 Jobs for 2014″. They based their ranking on the occupation’s experienced growth over the last five years, a minimum median salary of 60,000, projected growth through 2020, and companies that employ at least 5,000 people. Their top ten occupation list included, lawyer, public administrator, oil and gas drilling supervisor, primary production manager, healthcare manager, human resource manager, head nurse or medical supervisor, social community or correctional services manager, financial administrator, and electrical and communications contractor.

Canadian Business also has a top ten “Worst Jobs for 2014” list. They determined these occupation’s ranking based on income decline. The loss in pay was not based on inflation but an actual take home pay that was less than it was five years ago. These jobs include, telephone operator, agricultural specialist, textile operators, chemical productions worker, water transport engineer officer, papermaking operator, protection workers such as, alarm specialists or private investigators, fabric manufacturing supervisor, visual artists, and electronics manufacturing supervisor.

The growth of the services sector in the Canadian economy accounts for 70 percent of their gross domestic product, and 75 percent of their employment. Canada has had its challenges in strengthening the services sector of their economy. Competitiveness in this area with other countries around the world is difficult, but they are rising to the challenge with their Economic Action Plan. Since 2006, the Canadian government has spent nearly 8 million dollars funding growth in science and technology and investing in innovated companies with global potential. They have developed federal programs to train workers in many of the well paying, high demand careers. These programs work towards apprenticeship training, support services, personal development, and career advancement programs.

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