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Employees: 5,200

Revenue: $23.1 billion (2012)


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About Husky Energy

The business of energy and energy production is a multi billion dollar industry in today’s world. They handle many forms of raw materials. These materials create the energy to sustain the lifestyle of the population. Some of these wholesale materials include asphalt, natural gas, natural gas liquids, sulphur, and petroleum coke. The Husky Energy Company operates in Canada and the United States to supply, refine, distribute, and market of energy supplies such as diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, lubricants, ethanol, and asphalt.

This energy focused company has its operations in Calgary, Alberta Canada. For the Upstream portion of the business, Husky is focusing on new technologies in the field of thermal technology and horizontal wells. This technology is used to access the best raw materials for the consumers. In the Western Canada area, the focus is on the extraction of liquid-rich gas resources and oil retrieval.

When it comes to the Downstream portion of this innovative business, the focus is on bringing the best price for raw products, creating and executing the most cutting edge technologies, and increasing the returns for the company in the existing energy market.

When it comes to innovative and innovative technologies, Husky Energy is right on target. Covering a number of integrated types of energy sources with the new technologies being developed every day; this company is a fast and constantly growing business in the Canadian energy resources area. Having such a passion for advancement is a great advantage for those who rely on the services.

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