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Just like many other states around the United States of America, Connecticut seems to be slightly far from the national unemployment rate. While the local rate is going down with about 0.2%, it is still 0.3% higher than the national rate – 6.7%. The rate began going down in 2011, with a few small fluctuations around 2012. These days, there are more than 130,000 potential workers with no jobs in Connecticut. Up to 2,500 of them manage to find jobs on a monthly basis.

Connecticut does not make too many exceptions from other similar states. Practically, most new jobs are offered in the health care domain. Of course, this industry is quite diversified, so there are plenty of opportunities. Doctors make a lot of money, but registered nurses and technicians are also very well paid. Information technology is another popular domain due to its numerous branches. Software and hardware developers are very well paid, but there are plenty of other opportunities as well. Moreover, aspirants do not necessarily have to work as IT experts in IT companies.

When it comes to top and reputable employers around Connecticut, Aetna Inc. is a leading name in the health care industry. Most of its reputation is given by the high quality services and very low costs. On the other hand, General Electric Company employs more types of professionals. It has over 10,000 workers and an amazing yearly revenue. As for other domains, Gartner Inc. leads the IT domain, while ESPN successfully represents the media industry in Connecticut.