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About Odd Sox

Showing individuality and standing out from the crowd are touted as creative values in Western society, it’s not often that people find a truly unique way to express themselves in fashion that’s also subtle. Odd Sox is a company whose whole basis for existing is that it wants to give its clients a way to be themselves that no other company can offer. In this case through truly unusual socks.

Odd Sox offers socks in all kinds of patterns from stripes and polka dots to matching pairs that boast a printed image. No matter how unusual someone’s tastes in socks are, this shop has something that will suit their interests.

In addition to unusual designs and out-of-the-ordinary style, Odd Sox doesn’t believe that socks need to match to be a pair. It’s an expression of the company’s ideology that not everything in the modern world has to be two-by-two, symmetrical, and standard. Everything from the designs to the style, to the fact that socks can be mixed and matched without the wearer being judged for it is an exact fit for the kind of philosophy that drives Odd Sox to be the company that it is.

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