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Iowa is by far one of the most attractive states for students and young graduates. Practically, the unemployment rate is currently at 4.4%. In other words, one out of 25 potential workers fails in finding a job. The rate has been stabilized at under 5% since 2013. However, the last month has brought in a 0.1% growth. With all these, the national unemployment rate is somewhere around 6.7%, so Iowa is ranked extremely well. There are less than 75,000 unemployed individuals throughout the state.

Health care is currently one of the most popular industries in Iowa. At the same time, its popularity is expected to grow some more during the upcoming years, so the medical schools in the state are almost overcrowded. For instance, a surgeon makes around $150,000 a year, while a dentist earns more than $220,000 a year. All in all, the good news is that the medical industry is very diversified, so technicians, therapists, nurses and other professionals are welcomed too. The information technology industry is also very popular because such professionals can work in a series of different industries. After all, everything is computerized today.

When it comes to the best employers to work for in Iowa, the state does not have too many world renowned corporations headquartered on site. But then, there are numerous small, medium and nationwide companies that employ dozens of thousands of people. From this point of view, Principal Financial Group Inc. has over 10,000 employees and makes more than $1 billion a year.

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