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When it comes to the unemployment rate in Indiana, the state has always stayed around the nationwide average limit. The United States of America have an unemployment rate of about 6.7%, which fluctuates up and down. Over the past few months, the rate has grown with about 0.1% per month. On the other hand, Indiana is somewhere at 6.1%, but the rate is severely going down with every new month – about 0.2% monthly. The state has one of the highest economical growth rates in the country. Currently, there are around 200,000 individuals unemployed across the state.

There are more hot jobs that aspirants are hunting around Indiana. Just like in many other states, it seems that registered nursing is one of the fastest growing industries. Therefore, most nursing schools in the state are quite crowded. Moreover, this career is believed to keep its popularity over the next years. Aside from registered nurses, travel nurses are just as popular. Truck drivers are also very well paid and demanded. After all, driving a truck asks for a lot of experience, as well as a few different categories on the driving license. Finally, call center workers are in a high demand too, but their income is not too significant.

Indiana hosts a few major employers, with Cummins Inc. representing one of the leading names. It employs over 10,000 workers and makes more than $5 billion per year. Eli Lilly and Company and WellPoint Inc. are just as opportunistic, while NiSource Inc. is hardly pushing from behind.

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