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There are not too many states with a very high unemployment rate, but Kentucky is definitely one of them. With around 160,000 unemployed people, Kentucky is very problematic throughout the United States of America. The nationwide limits range around 6.7%. The rate has slightly gone up overtime, but it currently goes up again with 0.1%. However, Kentucky is way above this limit – 7.8%. As if all these were not enough, the unemployment rate also goes up with about 0.1% on a monthly basis. Over the last year, the state has gone from 8.3% to 7.8%.

According to some statistics, it seems that female dominated jobs are very likely to gain a lot of popularity in the next few years. As for the actual industry, private household industries seem to be very popular today, as well as finances, health technologies and treatments. The best part about the medical world is the fact that it is very varied. It is split into several domains. Nursing is by far the most accessible career in this industry, whether it comes to registered or travel nursing. Doctors are obviously better paid, but the positions are somehow limited.

There are a few major employers in Kentucky, with Ashland Inc. and Humana Inc. being some of the most representative names. A few other major companies include Omnicare Inc., Lexmark and Yum Brands Inc. With all these, it looks like small and medium businesses represent the strongest force in the state today, so plenty of candidates focus on this direction.

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