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With the unemployment rate stabilized at 6.1%, Maine is one of the most balanced states in the country. In other words, it stays close to the national unemployment rate, which ranges around 6.7%. The national rate has slowly fluctuated up and down over the last year. These days, it goes up with almost 0.1% on a monthly basis. Fortunately for Maine, the local rate is going down with the same value. During the past year, the state unemployment rate has lost about 0.7%. It is not a very significant result though. The state hosts about 43,000 unemployed people.

There are more careers that dominate the local employment industry. Surprisingly enough, it seems that veterinary technicians represent the jobs in the highest demand. Maine has plenty of communities that live with agriculture, so the veterinary help is widely needed. While this job is in great demand, veterinary schools are not too popular in the state, not to mention about the number of students. Other than that, health care and information technologies complete the top three industries in the state. They are also very diversified and can bring in a lot of opportunities. Service, hospitality and real estate industries are quickly growing too.

As for front running corporations around Maine, there are not too many major employers around the state. Energy East Corporation is one of the best rated companies and a top private employer. However, public and state institutions are more popular. Medium businesses have gained a lot of strength as well.

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