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The unemployment rate around Michigan is about 1% higher than the national rate. The United States of America have a 6.7% unemployment rate. While it decreased by 1% over the last year, the past few months brought in a 0.1% monthly growth. Michigan has over 360,000 unemployed individuals who need jobs, which means that the local unemployment rate is now at 7.7%. Since it goes down with 0.1% every month, it seems that over 4,000 people get employed regularly. One year ago, the rate was at 8.8%, so the economical growth is relatively good.

Detroit is the city with the highest number of job opportunities, followed by Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. It has two times more listings than Grand Rapids. General dentists are in very high demand. They also make a lot of money every year, hence the popularity of local dentistry schools. On a second note, registered nurses are just as popular. This career is said to maintain its popularity at least until 2020. From this point of view, nursery schools are very crowded these days. A few other high demand jobs in Michigan include dental assistants, truck drivers, engineers and project managers in IT.

There are a lot of nationwide or worldwide known companies that handle top operations around Michigan. DTE Energy Co., Federal-Mogul Corporation, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corp. are just some of the front runners, with dozens of thousands of employees. The state also represents a very popular employer in Michigan through a series of different institutions.