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Hard Money LLC

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Address: 601 Carlson Pkwy # 1050, Minnetonka, MN 55305

Hard Money LLC is a private equity loan specialist located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. If you own real estate, or are looking to buy land, or are building a new development, Hard Money LLC...

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Although the unemployment rate seems to stagnate for more than half a year, Minnesota is one of the states with the lowest unemployment ratio. The rate around the United States of America floats at 6.7%, with various fluctuations. On the other hand, Minnesota is stabilized at 4.8%. The last year has seen a 0.4% decrease in the unemployment ratio. In other words, the economical growth is relatively slow, but the state is still far ahead many others. There are less than 150,000 unemployed people all across the state.

According to the latest surveys and statistics, network system administrators and analysts have gained a lot of popularity in the past several years. These positions can be very attractive from multiple points of view. First, they are very profitable. Second, they are very diversified too. Computer software engineers come on a second position. Third, the health care industry could not be left behind either. The medical domain has something for everyone. But from all those positions, travel and registered nurses are the most popular ones. Most people associate this field with doctors only, hence the lack of other types of personnel.

There are a lot of large companies that employ thousands of individuals in Minnesota. Many of them have worldwide operations as well. 3M Company, Best Buy Co. Inc., Ecolab Inc. and General Mills Inc. are only four of the most important local employers. Governmental institutions are not to be ignored either, whether it comes to hospitals, schooling institutions or the legal domain.