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Employees: < 1,000

Revenue: Under $1 Billion

Phone: 612-926-1111

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About Hard Money LLC

Hard Money LLC is a private equity loan specialist located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. If you own real estate, or are looking to buy land, or are building a new development, Hard Money LLC has money available to underwrite your investment.

The process is simple, it’s just four steps and you’ll get your real estate loan in about a week to ten days. The best part, there’s no credit checks. Just provide the required documentation and finish the Title Work, and you’re good.

What could you achieve with more cash now? Do you find yourself thinking, “If I just had more money, that would make the difference.” Hard Money LLC can loan you the money you need to invest in your own future. A more secure tomorrow, starts today!

Call Hard Money today: 612-926-1111 or visit their website and fill out their form.

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