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There are 13 companies in NC that we recognize as the biggest and the best:

Queen City Catering Company

Queen City Catering Company Screenshot

Address: 1401 South Church Street, Charlotte, NC 28203

Queen City Catering Company is a top-notch catering company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They serve only the best quality food because their clients demand an extraordinary experience, and they deliver every time....

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Best Places to Work for in NC

North Carolina does not bring in too many surprises in the unemployment ratios around the United States of America. The rate around the country is slightly fluctuating around 6.7%, while most changes barely exceed 0.1%. When it comes to North Carolina, the unemployment rate is at 6.4%. It goes down with around 0.3%, so the economical growth is very powerful. The last year brought in an amazing decrease from 8.5% to 6.4%. Close to 15,000 individuals get employed on a monthly basis. Today, there are about 300,000 potential workers who are still looking for jobs.

The local colleges and universities are some of the most prestigious ones in the United States of America. Therefore, a lot of worldwide and nationwide operating companies have decided to settle in North Carolina. Most importantly, medical and information technology corporations represent the front runners. Therefore, IT specialists and professionals are in very high demand. As for medical staff, the opening positions vary widely from one institution to another. One thing is for sure though – registered nurses are the best bets for new students. A few other powerful sectors include pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, clothing and electronics.

The state is the main employer in North Carolina due to the wide variety of public institutions. When it comes to private institutions, IBM Corporation is a leading name. It serves the entire world too. Wakemed, Progress Energy Inc. and New Apple Inc. are very popular as well, not to mention about Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, General Electric Capital Corporation and Allied Security LLC.