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About is a one-stop shop for all your freeze dried needs. They carry all of the top American manufactured brands and are determined to prove that “freeze dried” can be both nutritious and delicious.

Freeze drying is a process invented in the 1940’s that cools food so fast that most of the water content sublimates (goes from liquid to gas). With almost no water left, the food’s shelf life is increased by decades.

It has often been portrayed in movies and shows as a last resort that’s tasteless gruel. But the reality today is that more and more American families are not only stocking up for “what if,” they are also eating, enjoying, and relying on their freeze dried food stores in their daily lives.

There is a growing movement of survivalists, preppers, and normal people who want to be ready for any kind of emergency situation that are turning to the internet to shop for and compare freeze dried food. buys factory direct from the best brands and can give the biggest discounts on both short term and long term food storage solutions.

When all you need to do is add water, and there’s an incredible 25-year shelf life, buying an emergency food supply for your family is an investment in their safety.

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