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There is one company in NH that we recognize as the biggest and the best:

Immortal News

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Address: P.O. Box 539, Georges Mills, NH 03751

Immortal News is an internet magazine that just launched. And already it’s building a reputation for sharing the funniest and coolest news with a perspective you won’t find anywhere else online. The ambitious...

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New Hampshire’s median yearly household income has continually ranked well above the US national average over the course of the last decade. Additionally, the seasonally adjusted June 2014 unemployment rate for New Hampshire was reported as 4.4 percent, 1.7 percent lower than the 6.1 percent seasonally adjusted national average. The state’s economy is heavily reliant upon year-round tourism, along with manufacturing and lumbering industries. Three of the state’s largest employers in such industries are as follows:

Hypertherm is one of New Hampshire’s top-ranked large companies. This company specializes in the manufacturing and design of cutting systems for industries including automotive repair and shipbuilding.

Wire Belt is a private company that manufactures, designs, assembles, and distributes conveyor system components for industries including electronics and textiles. They were ranked number one among small companies in New Hampshire in 2013.

Lonza Biologics is a global leader in the life science markets and has ranked among New Hampshire’s top three companies. The Lonza Biologics production site in Portsmouth, New Hampshire specializes in producing custom biopharmaceuticals.

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