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Immortal News

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Address: P.O. Box 539, Georges Mills, NH 03751

Immortal News is an internet magazine that just launched. And already it’s building a reputation for sharing the funniest and coolest news with a perspective you won’t find anywhere else online. The ambitious...

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The economy in Georges Mill, New Hampshire is, on average, better than other parts of the United States. While the United States’ overall unemployment rate is at 6.3% Georges Mill’s own unemployment rate is just a little over half of that at 3.7%. And while recent job growth, which is at 1.17%, is below the US average of 1.18% the future job growth at 38.6% surpasses the US’ future job growth by 2.5%.

The most exciting fact about the economy in Georges Mill, NH however, is the average household income here compared to the entirety of the US. With an average household income $120,924 it more than doubles the US median of $53,046.

However, this extra income would be necessary as the cost of living in Georges Mill is higher than the US. Cost of groceries is only 1.8% higher while healthcare is 13% higher. But neither of these numbers are as staggering as the cost of housing which is 120% higher than the US average. This could be hard on a family looking to buy a home here.

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