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About HSV Outbreak

HSV Outbreak is an online informational website dedicated to educating the public about the different strains of the Herpes Virus. The website posts detailed articles that help the reader identify symptoms, outbreak triggers, treatments, and facts about the disease. All information is delivered in easy to understand, matter-of-fact writings that are designed to garner understanding and encourage action using a collection of texts, pictures, and videos.

Though HSV Outbreak focuses on the disease, the site is divided into more specific categories including how the disease effects men and women individually, the consequences of the disease in pregnant women, and populations most at risk for contracting Herpes. Information posted by HSV Outbreak is up-to-date medically and socially, keeping readers abreast of the latest treatments, vaccine advancements, and coping techniques for sufferers.

HSV Outbreak gathers online resources for Herpes patients in the form various support groups, educational recommendations, and myth debunking. Their website is meant to provide a base knowledge and support system for people that would otherwise remain in a state of denial or put off seeking professional help due to embarrassment. HSV Outbreak unravels the mystique of the disease, discusses Herpes without blame or shame, and gives visitors an opportunity to learn about an illness that carries a dark stigma. It is important to point out that HSV Outbreak does not claim to replace professional medical care, but is available to anyone as a resource for current information on the subject.

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