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Ohio is currently one of the most balanced states in the country, especially when it comes to the local economy and employment ratio. The United States of America government is struggling to maintain the 6.7% unemployment rate under control, yet it keeps fluctuating. When it comes to Ohio, the local rate is at 6.5%. One year ago, it was at 7.3%, so the improvement is not too significant, but average. There are around 375,000 unemployed individuals across the state. Since the rate seems to go down with 0.3% per month, around 15,000 of them manage to find jobs every month.

There are a lot of careers and jobs in very high demand around Ohio. From this point of view, truck drivers and operators are guaranteed for long lasting jobs. As a truck operator, having a degree can ensure a better paid opportunity. Second, engineers are also widely appreciated, regardless of the industry they are coming from. But then, aerospace and IT (Information Technology) are the best rated fields. There is a shortage of aerospace professionals in Ohio, while the IT industry is currently occupying all industries. Finally, retail sales jobs can ensure a decent income too and they do not ask for any postsecondary education.

There are quite a lot of countrywide and even worldwide known companies around Ohio. Aside from the state based institutions, some of the biggest private employers include American Electric Power Company Inc., Cardinal Health Inc., Cummins Inc. and Dana Holding Corporation, among many other popular names.