Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc.

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Employees: 5,000 - 10,000

Revenue: $1 Billion - $5 Billion


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About Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc.

Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc. was created in 2005. It came to life when Resolution Products, Resolution Specialty Materials and Borden Chemicals have decided to merge. The respective move has also brought in the acquisition of Bakelite AG.

The company is currently the largest manufacturer of thermosetting resins in the world. It supports several markets and geographies and has thousands of workers employed in a few different countries. In 2009, Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc. generated $4 billion sales.

The products are sold all over the world, whether it comes to ink or epoxy resins, versatic acids, formaldehyde, molding components and other similar items.

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