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These days, Oklahoma is one of the states with the lowest unemployment rates. The United States of America are hardly trying to lower the rates and have only done it with 0.8% over the last year. The current rate is at 6.7%. On a different note, Oklahoma has only reduced the unemployment rate with 0.2%, from 5.2% to 5%. It looks like the ratio is currently stagnating. However, up to 3,000 individuals manage to find new jobs every month. But then, there are still over 90,000 unemployed people across the state. The good news is that the economy has stabilized a little though.

There are plenty of job opportunities around Oklahoma and some of them are more popular than others. For instance, petroleum engineers are in very high demand due to the numerous operations conducted throughout the state. There are plenty of other similar jobs in this industry, such as drilling. On the other hand, medical staff is also in high demand. The open positions for doctors are relatively limited though. But then, nine out of ten registered nurses find a job within the first half a year after graduation. As if it was not obvious already, the IT industry is slowly getting into every domain out there too.

The state is the largest employer in Oklahoma, but there are also a few major private corporations that employ dozens of thousands of people, including Devon Energy Corporation and Chesapeake Energy Corporation. Although they are smaller, The Williams Companies Inc. and OKEOK Inc. are just as popular.

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