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There are 5 companies in OR that we recognize as the biggest and the best:

Check Maid Cleaning

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Address: 323 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Check Maid Cleaning is located in Portland, Oregon. There are several reasons why Check Maid Cleaning has the support and loyalty of so many customers in the area. Portland is known as one...

Portland Dental PC

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Address: 511 SW 10th Ave Ste 1206, Portland, OR 97205

At Portland Dental we strive to provide our patients with the same level of service that we would expect, and then some. Our friendly staff works hard to make sure that your entire...

Strassman & Hanna

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Address: 243 SW Scalehouse Loop, Suite 5B, Bend, OR 97702

There are a number of investment firms that offer individuals wealth management services. One of the finest wealth management services you can use is Strassman & Hanna. This firm specializes in helping individuals...

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With over 130,000 unemployed individuals scattered around multiple communities, Oregon is one of the states with a relatively high rate of unemployment. Basically, the national average throughout the United States of America floats around 6.7%. When it comes to Oregon, the rate is at 6.9%. The good news for the citizens is the fact that it goes down with about 0.1% on a monthly basis. One year ago, it was stabilized at 8%. Approximately 1,000 individuals find new jobs every month, so the statistics are very encouraging.

There are a lot of industries that seem to prosper over the next years, such as the hospitality industry, management, marketing and sales. Since plenty of money come from tourism, the travel industry is obviously very highly rated. Information technology represents a good domain for potential candidates as well. Everything today is computerized, so a network administrator or developer can work in hospitals, travel agencies, public schools and many others. Unlike most expectations, the health care domain is not believed to dominate the employment market, yet registered nurses can easily find jobs.

Since most financial contributions come from tourism, there are not too many large corporations headquartered in Oregon. However, many of them have main offices in the area, so they also represent some of the top private employers. NIKE Inc. is clearly one of the leading names, but Precision Castparts Corp. is just as popular. Furthermore, the state institutions are never to be ignored either, since they are very diversified and employ in multiple domains.

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