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There are 28 companies in PA that we recognize as the biggest and the best:

Check Maid Cleaning

Check Maid Cleaning Screenshot

Address: 520 Woodland Terrace #3, Philadelphia, PA 19104

The city of brotherly love is very lucky to have great maid services available to them. For example, they are able to use the services of Check Maids. Check Maids has made a...

Eagle Dumpster Rental

Eagle Dumpster Rental Screenshot

Address: 1735 Market St #3750, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Eagle Dumpster Rental is the premier company for dumpster rentals in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Eagle prides itself on great customer service and up front pricing. Their knowledgeable staff knows just what...

Michael Greenberg Esquire

Michael Greenberg Esquire

Address: 7114 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111

Michael Greenberg Esquire is a personal injury lawyer based out of Philadelphia, PA that specializes in car accidents, truck accidents, and other vehicular injuries. With millions of drivers on the road every day...

Ruth Kolb Law Office

Ruth Kolb Law Office Screenshot

Address: 521 Cedar Way, Suite 200A, Oakmont, PA 15139

Ruth F. Kolb, Esquire has been practicing social security disability law since 2003 handling all levels of representation from initial claims through all stages of appeal. Prior to forming Ruth Kolb Law Offices,...

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Pennsylvania has experienced a very decent growth in economics over the past year, especially when it comes to the unemployment rates. One year ago, the rate was at 7.7%. Around half a million individuals were unemployed. Today, the rate is at 6.2% and tends to go down with 0.2% to 0.4% per month. These days, there are less than 400,000 unemployed people in the state. Other than that, the United States of America have a 6.7% unemployment rate, so it looks like Pennsylvania is on the right path.

There are more domains that grow extremely fast around Pennsylvania and transportation is clearly one of them. Truck drivers are at high demand and the good news is that experience is the only thing that matters. No postsecondary degrees are needed for this career. On the other hand, health care is also very quickly growing. In this domain, a Bachelor’s degree is mandatory. If you require higher positions, it is imperative to opt for a Master’s degree. Last, but not least, education is not to be ignored either. Many careers are in the public sector though and include teachers, professors and librarians.

There are a lot of major corporations with multiple operations and main offices around Pennsylvania. Comcast Corporation, Crown Holdings Inc. and CIGNA Corporation are just some of the front runners. The private sector employs dozens of thousands of individuals, but the state is also a main employer in the area. There are numerous public institutions operating in any domain you can think of.