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The local economy of Rhode Island is not really in the best shape these days. The unemployment rate is almost 50% higher than the national average rate. Practically, the United States of America are struggling to reduce the current 6.7% unemployment rate, yet it fluctuates on a monthly basis with 0.1%. When it comes to Rhode Island, the rate of unemployment is at 9% today. Fortunately, it has gone down with 0.5% over the last year. However, it is still very high, while the economical growth is obviously quite slow. There are around 50,000 unemployed people in the state and less than 1,000 of them manage to find a job every month.

Low income industries are on a growing path these days in Rhode Island. If you plan to work as a seller, retailer salesperson, cashier or waiter, finding a job is a piece of cake. You also do not need any postsecondary education, unless you plan to be promoted and obtain a better position. When it comes to better paid occupations, registered nurses are in high demand today, as well as stock clerks, librarians or accountants. Information technology represents a good solution for the future too, since the job opportunities are very diversified.

While Rhode Island does host a few postsecondary institutions, the small size and the limited number of students do not attract too many world renowned corporations. CVS Corporation is one of the most important names in the public sector. From this point of view, it might be more advantageous to work for the state.

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