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LoanStar Title Loans

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Address: 1321 South Cooper Street, Arlington, TX 76010

Many who are looking for a car title loan will go to Lone Star Title Loans. Based in the state of Texas, Lone Star Title Loans got its start in Jonesboro, Georgia in...

Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S.

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Address: 2624 Matlock Rd #100, Arlington, TX 76015

Mark C. Marchbanks is a Texan who has lived in Arlington his entire life. In addition, he is a 1983 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry and he earned a DDS degree. He...

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Arlington is a unique city in Texas with a burgeoning economy. It’s a fascinating sector of the country to examine as it is the largest location in the entire US to not have a major public transit system. This is peculiar but has certainly not slowed down the Tarrant County hotspot one iota. It remains the seventh-most populous territory in the state with over 374,000 residents making a median income of $50,655 yearly. Men working steady full-time hours are shown to make about 10K more than women while the income per person measures out to $25,317.

If one includes government employers then the U.S. Department of Defense stands as the city’s largest employer with 36,000 hired. A forward-thinking health care company, Texas Health Resources, reaches the coveted second spot and number one among private businesses. It employs over 21,000 with regular growth due to enduring profits and expansion. They continue to open brand-new hospitals and provide work all throughout North Texas. Bank of America rounds out the trio in third with 20,000 workers.

The employment rate in the region is five percent as of June 2014. This makes it a bit more stable than even nearby cities who sometimes capture national headlines more often. For example, Fort Worth and Dallas have rates of 5.5% and 5.7% respectively. Arlington’s Economic Development Director Terry Holzheimer is quite proud of the direction the city’s economy is headed. Along with enjoying more-minor unemployment levels, offices vacancies are low and real estate prices are on the rise. Hotel occupancy rates have increased and the government is happy to note that several fruitful construction projects have been launched to heavy fanfare. Officials are optimistic that unemployment may yet still decrease as demands for a wide breadth of office space continue unabated.

City Council has the leadership of Mayor Robert Cluck since 2003, following a six-year tour-of-duty by Mayor Elzie Odom. Elections run every May for the panel of eight while college students prepare applications for the University of Texas at Arlington. Residents enjoy Six Flags amusement park and the top-tier action of Texas Rangers baseball. Their firefighter and protection services are supplied by the Arlington Fire Department and emergency medical is reigned over by American Medical Response. These groups manage crisis when “Aggtown” is affected by Tornado Alley but no storm seems capable of stalling the city’s exciting momentum.