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Address: 1311 Richmond Ct, Richmond, TX 77406

When disaster strikes, a person is left to deal with the financial and, all too often, the emotional distress of property loss and damage. Filling an insurance claim can leave a policy holder...

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Only a fifty-minute, southwest drive out of Houston lies Richmond, resting in the heart of thriving Fort Bend County, Texas. Upon first arriving, one will notice that it seems a quaint, historical town with architectures still preserved; old buildings remodeled into a police station, a courthouse, a variety of businesses and even pristine homes. While the old-timey feel obviously is something to visually attract more traditional, slow-paced folks, Richmond is not at all what it seems. Nestled next to this grand architecture of an antiquated time is a snapshot of now: a large Wal*Mart, bustling fast food joints, check-cashing businesses, and strip-malls. Paradoxically, despite this city’s smaller size compared to its relatives, Sugar Land and Houston, Richmond is a place of expansion and employment.

With the city being a place of bubbling community, more opportunity-seeking individuals could definitely find their homes here. The city’s average unemployment rate is 3.8%; a high improvement versus the national average of 6.3%. One of the highest employers in Richmond is actually the government offices, both in the Fort Bend County home that lies within the city and the City of Richmond’s own offices. Fort Bend County has 2,225 individuals employed currently, and the City of Richmond has 142 employed, indicating that there’s more room for others interested. Another major employer is Richmond State School, with 1,446 employed. With the added benefits of helping others, Richmond State School is a place where special needs students can learn without discrimination or any other difficulties that come with usual public schooling. Oakbend Medical Center, with 678 employed, is another established employer who provides excellent healthcare for the elderly, children, and those in emergencies. And last, but certainly not least, Allied Concrete is yet another employer where the Richmond citizens happily work; with 210 currently contributing to this esteemed construction company.

Backing away from the specifics, Fort Bend County is seen as a productive business location in general. So, if Richmond itself can’t be the destination of your choice, Fort Bend county boasts to be a leading region for job creation. These jobs include positions in energy, city development, engineering, entertainment, and healthcare. Either way, Richmond is far from a bad choice to visit for those seeking a town to contribute to. With its unique combination of old and new, Richmond is a place where history and growth is actually experienced, not just seen.