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Utah is currently one of the states with the lowest unemployment rates in the United States of America. While the national ratio floats around 6.7%, Utah can brag with a 3.9% unemployment rate. One year ago, the rate was at 4.5%. While it was still under the limits, the economical growth was not too impressive though. These days, there are slightly more than 50,000 unemployed workers around the state.

There are several fast growing opportunities around Utah. Just like in many other states out there, the medical and IT industries are growing at a very speedy rate. They are also quite varied and provide numerous job opportunities for professionals. Sales and other related services employ people on a regular basis. While a degree is a very good idea, it is not always mandatory in sales. The same rule applies to the construction industry, but to a particular limit. Construction engineers cannot find well paid jobs without having postsecondary education. Transportation and education are not to be ignored either. Such job positions are opened on a continuous basis.

While Utah does have a series of postsecondary schools and institutions, there are not too many world renowned corporations around the state. The private sector is successfully represented by Huntsman Corporation and Autoliv Inc. Each of them has more than 10,000 workers and a yearly revenue of over $5 billion. Other than that, the state represents the largest employer. It operates a series of institutions in all kinds of industries. Small and medium businesses are also very popular.

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