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About DiscoverOrg

A leader in sales and marketing intelligence software, DiscoverOrg was founded in 2007 in Ohio by entrepreneurs Henry Schuck and Kirk Brown. On a shoestring budget, the company had only three employees with the goal of empowering sales and marketing professionals in the global business-to-business economy. Focused on growing business and start-up ventures, DiscoverOrg quickly developed a solid client following and grew rapidly with its relocation to the current headquarters in Vancouver, Washington in 2009.

DiscoverOrg co-founder and CEO Henry Schuck believes in leadership through skilled expertise and high-quality service. A graduate of both the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Ohio State University, Schuck is a licensed attorney who specializes in comparative law. His previous experience in marketing and research at Global IT Profiles LLC was a major contributor to the establishment of DiscoverOrg.

Schuck and his team of 150 employees have expanded the company operation to include a cutting-edge sales and marketing platform with the following features:

In-Depth Org Charts – Before making contact with sales leads, reps are provided with the names, positions, and job profiles of company leaders, ensuring that the correct point-of-contact is determined quickly and effortlessly.

Verified Direct Dials – This timesaving feature allows for sales reps to direct-dial over 96% of the prospects in the DiscoverOrg database.

Continuous Data Refresh – Every 3 months, in-home data analysts update the sales and marketing contract database.

Real-Time Triggers – Sales reps are able to stay abreast of a prospect’s business activities as they occur.

Technology Install Base – Access to categorized intelligence on the company’s technology base, showing their competing legacy solutions beforehand.

Aerial View – A physical geographical location of current account holders and prospects is displayed.

Mobile Optimized Site – Access to sales intelligence is available anywhere and at any time.

Bulk Match – Users can build records based on selected criteria for easier reference.

Integrations – Sales and marketing data are adaptable to existing CRM or marketing automation platforms.

DiscoverOrg has top-notch sales, technical and customer support staff focused on serving sales professionals, marketing executives, and staffing agents by reducing prospect research time, providing real-time lead and account updates, and educating them with online tools. The firm has been named an Inc.500 company three times and has received the 2014 SIIA Codie Award for Best Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution.

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