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With a 6.1% unemployment rate, Wisconsin is one of the numerous states in the country with a relatively stable local economy. The United States of America are struggling to maintain the unemployment ratio as low as possible, yet it seems to float around 6.7%. The economical growth of Wisconsin is not very impressive either, with about 0.8% over the last year. In other words, the unemployed workforce counts close to 200,000 individuals. The good news is that more than 3,000 of them manage to get employed month by month, so the growth is slow, yet secure.

Judging by some statistics, it seems that health care and IT (Information Technology) represent the biggest players on the employment market. These domains have grown with around 20% over the past few years and their ascension is expected to keep going up for at least five more years. IT specialists may opt for dozens of different specializations. They can find jobs in pretty much any domain out there because all industries are computerized. They can work in sales, medicine, food processing, retail sales and other sectors. As for the medical field, registered nurses seem to have the biggest notoriety. The openings for surgeons or doctors are limited though. Besides, most of these opportunities ask for at least a Bachelor’s degree.

There are a lot of governmental institutions and state based agencies that employ people in Wisconsin on a regular basis. However, the private sector is widely appreciated as well, especially with front running names like Johnson Controls Inc., Kohl’s Corp. and Manpower Inc.